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Welcome to the official website of The International Monarchist League.

Based in the United Kingdom, the International Monarchist League has Delegates and Groups throughout the world and unites all who share its belief in the advantages of Monarchy for their nation state.

Like Monarchy itself, the League is independent of any political party or group, prejudice against any section of the community has no place in its policy or program. Drawn from many countries and from all walks of life, the supporters of the League span the whole political spectrum, although many are without any political alignment.

The League's purpose is, quite simply, to support the principle of Monarchy. It represents adherents of differing styles of Monarchy, from Constitutionalists to Absolutists, recognizing that differing traditions require differing styles of leadership. Among its members are supporters of different claimants to vacant thrones. The interests of the International Monarchist League lie far more in the future than in the past and it has a high proportion of student subscribers.